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Manhattan Beach Endodontics

Manhattan Beach, CA

Dr. Yigal Zibari


Patient Testimonials

Hi Dr. Zibari, I would like to write this note to express my greatest appreciation to you for the amazing work that you have done on my root canal procedure yesterday. I was so much in pain and discomfort for many days before I came to see my dentist and got referred to you Dr. Zibari. Without hesitation, you decided to take me in immediately and worked on my tooth during your lunch break. Your highly advanced level of dental expertise with deep knowledge, and dental skills definitely reflected in your beautifully executed procedure. I am also greatly thankful to you for calling to check on me at the end of the day and discuss any concerns that I had. After having one-hour-and-a-half root canal procedure done by Dr. Zibari, I came back to work sitting in a meeting smiling and being super happy that finally my tooth pain is no longer there to haunt me. None of my colleagues would ever know that I just had a root canal procedure done half an hour ago. Thank you Dr. Zibari. Xuan

Xuan Le

I love this office! Thank you for getting me in after hours and for a fast and painless root canal. I did not have any discomfort and will refer you to all of my Southbay friends.


Most professional dental visit of my life. World class service, cutting edge technology, and mastery of the field. Highly recommended.

Payam A.

Dr. Zibari,

Thank you so much for being an awesome doctor!
Vicki C
Vicki C

Dr. Zibari,

Thank you for the excellent treatment, advice, consideration and concern regarding my recent root canal procedure.
I was very impressed with the various hi-tech instrumentation and equipment used-plus your expertise.
You’ve reduced the stigma of a “root canal” to a normal procedure.
Best Wishes,
Dave P

Normally I am a very nervous dental patient but you guys made me feel so comfortable.  There was absolutely no pain...that was the best root canal ever!!!

Thank you so much.

Elizabeth H.

Some lessons are literally learned the painful way: like having a family dentist perform a root canal. After suffering severe pain for weeks, I did what I should have done from the start and contacted your office. What a relief! You were thoroughly professional, personable, caring and compassionate. Anyone looking for a great endodontist has found one in Dr. Zibari.

Vance S

Hi Dr. Zibari - I just wanted to take a moment to say it was great meeting you and also to say thank you sooooo much for my treatment last week! You were great even though I was a big baby, haha.
Thanks for making me feel as comfortable as possible, it was, dare I say, a pleasure :)


Ellen L.

Dr. Zibari and Bridget,

Never wrote a thank you note for a root canal before!  Thank you both for your professional expertise, humor, warmth and gentle touch. 

See you in 6 months...I'll bring food :-)

Charlotte G.

Dear Dr. Zibari,

I wanted to thank you so much for taking care of my tooth last week.  When I came in, I was in so much pain, so swollen and just plain miserable.  Thank you so much for staying after hours to work on my tooth and relieve my pain.  Even more so, thank you for calling me that night to check up on me.  I know your advice to take more ibuprofen saved me another night of pain and helped me to FINALLY have a full nights rest.  I have never received such thorough and thoughtful care from a dentist before.  And I think your leadership influences your staff as well - Bridget was a pleasure to correspond with.  Your care was really the bright spot in a painful experience! Thank you so much!

Most sincerely,

Tiffany J.

I couldn't sleep the night before I was going to have the root canal procedure.  Amazingly, it was not bad at all and I didn't feel a thing. 

Thank you Dr. Zibari!

Lozan K.

In an era when everything is fast, bottom-line-oriented, and health care professionals are often over-scheduled and pressed for time, it is a real pleasure to meet an endodontist who dedicates himself to meeting patients' needs with such meticulous care.  Thank you Dr. Zibari, for all the care you took to save my tooth and crown.  You handled the procedure with kindness and persistence.  You're the best!!

Thank you!!

Deborah W.

Dr. Zibari,

Thank you for a great experience, your professionalism and expertise is highly appreciated!

Best regards,

Katheryn H.

I can't recommend Dr. Zibari enough. He is not only a very thorough professional but his skill and experience is coupled with a warm and caring approach. He has done an excellent job with my mother's root canal and has continued to follow up after for her care. In a field where most people focus on the job, Dr. Zibari stands out as putting emphasis on both his work and the patients well being.

Nina Lalezari